Saint Gertrudis 2017

sepia - copia

This year will remember Saint Gertrudis some other way. This year will remember Saint Gertrudis some other way. Tomorrow in the mass of the 12h the Moixiganga of the Getlrú will realise his last dance with the old dresses. It Will be his peculiar dismissal to the dresses that during these 25 years has accompanied […]

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Catalan Party 2017


Catalan Party 2017 This year ADIFOLK has invited us to take part in the Catalan Party 2017. We are a lot happy to take part! We expect you to all tomorrow day 12 to the 11:30 in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona. Order of the performance: Claves of the Arboç. Moixiganga of the Geltrú. […]

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Spectacular Cetina


Spectacular performance of the contradanza of Cetina. Since the Moixiganga want to thank you to the Contradanza to make possible a 25e anniversary. Also want to thank all the people that approached to see the exhibition, which expect that it have liked you and thank you to all the people that are helping us to […]

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Childish workshop of greater party 2017


Childish workshop of greater party Place: Library Armand Cardona Day: Monday 24 of July at 18h. Monotipa’t of Moixiganga Litter you the hands painting the Moixiganga and portable the image home. Addressed to children from 6 years. Registration before to the Library from the 10 of July. With reason of the 25th anniversary of the Dance of the Moixiganga. We […]

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Corpus 2017


The Moixiganga is prepared for the procession of corpus 2017 and you? From the 15h Les catifes pels carrers i plaçes de la Geltrú antiga. A les 19:30h Sortida de la processó de Corpus Accompanied delss boys of first comunió, assembly of faithful and band of musician. Cercavila amb els gegants, els dracs, les diablesses, […]

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